Leighton Buzzard's Premier Dog Grooming Service

Allsorts Premier Dog Grooming is a local dog grooming service offering a premier level of care where all sorts of dogs,
any shape or size, pedigree or cross breed are welcome. Our services include:

The Full MONTY £35 - £80

The perfect grooming experience! Basic health check is followed by brushing, dematting if needed and thorough shampooing, full body massage, ear & eye cleansing if appropriate.

Only professional shampoos & conditioners are used, suitable for all skin and coat types. The coat is dried leaving your pet smelling fresh, looking clean and feeling great! Additional clipping and/or scissoring produces the desired style or finish. Pet remedy natural de-stress and calming plug-in diffusers are used to send out calming messages using a blend of valerian, vetivert, basil and sage.

Wash & Blow Dry £25 - £55

All the services of the Full Monty-perfect for dogs that don't require clipping.

Hand Stripping £45 - £75

This treatment is available from puppyhood depending upon the condition and texture of the coat. All "blown" hair is removed to enhance your dog's structure, revealing brighter colours and markings whilst retaining the correct coat texture and maintaining natural weatherproofing.

Puppy Special Offer

Free puppy introduction. Wash & dry complementary when booking a full groom follow-up appointment!

This familiarises your puppy to the grooming processes and ensures that future grooming sessions become stress free.

Microchip Pet-Id £20

With Pet-ID microchipping, you have peace of mind that if your pet gets lost then it has a much better chance of returning home safely.

If reported lost, we can alert the local wardens and petcare institutions who then work together with us to return them home safely.

Nail Trim £8-£10

For Dogs, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs. Pets are relaxed & calm during nail-trimming a we use a specialist pet remedy natural destress calming diffuser.

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